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Gender-Based Violence

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia (EFMNS) is part of the national strategy to prevent and address gender-based violence against identified women, girls, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals. We work with partners, governments, and communities to support and protect survivors recovering from trauma. ​​

Domestic Violence Court Program

Connecting strength, healing, and resources to those participating in the Domestic Violence Court. This program responds to the unique needs of partners who have been harmed, children involved in the program, and those accused of using violence against their partner.

Women for Change

A five-week comprehensive program addressing the emotional, physical, and mental barriers to forming healthy relationships. Our team offers a holistic approach to building meaningful connections through communication, boundaries, anger management, violence prevention, and conflict resolution.

Creating Communities of Care

A network dedicated to creating new spaces and initiatives that prioritize African Nova Scotian and Indigenous communities navigating the justice system. Through recreational and supportive programming, participants can build the community they need to recover from a history of violence. 

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