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Personal Empowerment

We actively seek to empower criminalized groups through systems of healing, compassion, and accountability. Our support programs help identified women, girls, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals navigate the barriers of re-entering the community after incarceration. By recognizing the humanity within, we can build people, not prisons.​​

Beyond Trauma

An evidence-based program developed by Dr. Stephanie Covington to look at the process of trauma and steps to recovery. This program offers a safe space during the transition from custody through trauma-informed strategies for coping, grounding, and regulating. 

Relapse Prevention

A series of workshops that focus on problem-solving strategies for substance use management. Participants will learn to identify and cope with potential triggers to establish a strong foundation for sobriety.

Women for Change

A five-week comprehensive program addressing the emotional, physical, and mental barriers to forming healthy relationships. Our team offers a holistic approach to building meaningful connections through communication, boundaries, anger management, violence prevention, and conflict resolution.

Stop Lifting

A non-judgemental environment that explores the behaviours associated with shoplifting, theft, and fraud. This program examines the underlying causes of these behaviours to promote healthier, more constructive ways to deal with these emotions.

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