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Family of Mi'kmaw mother who died in custody call for public inquiry

CBC News · Posted: Mar 31, 2023 7:05 PM AT | Last Updated: April 1, 2023

Family and friends say Sarah Rose Denny was full of life and they want a public inquiry to find out why the 36-year-old died after being held in the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility.

"She was such a shining light," said Emma Halpern, executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia. "She was a very, very bright, articulate, thoughtful person."

Halpern said the Nova Scotia government needs to hold a public inquiry any time there's a death in custody.

"Many other provinces do have mandatory reviews," she said. "We do not and as a result, we don't know exactly what happened. The family doesn't know exactly what happened and if we don't know what happened, how can we learn from it?"



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